StarCraft II

I’m sure you are among the few persons of the golden age of gaming. When not everyone had a PC and we all gather willingly, of necessity, to a network game. I remember with pleasure how, in ’98-‘99, one of the best rated games of the moment was Starcraft, and I remember the nights spent playing it by myself or with friends. What attacks we were plotting, what strategies, as we rushed to call the legendary “whaling” in defending our base while I was playing with the Protos and any Terran or Zerg were rushing to attack me with all their forces. The hype this game made in the past is similar with the one League of Legends is making right now, even though the numbers are probably incomparable. There are 27 million players that fight for Riot Points in LoL every day and I believe that not that many people had a computer when StarCraft was first released.

Many of the greatest pleasures in the field of gaming I have with this StarCraft game but due to time I switched to other and other genre titles like (Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 1, 2, 3) and left it somewhere in a dusty corner of my chest of memories.

There was a big surprise to me when, about 3 years ago, I learned that my teenage game (besides Quake 2 and 3) will be due. I know, probably I learned much later than some of you, but I assure you that I remember with pleasure the times of 11-12 years ago. What times, what battles, the stories and then the memories. I did not live for the game and I didn’t felt worthy to participate in organized competitions nor would I say that I was very good but I was confident enough that I would dare to accept a game from anyone that would challenge me.

Anyway, enough with the stories, it’s time to move to more serious things. A few months before the release of the game I managed to get my hands on a StarCraft II kit (beta of course), whose release date was fast approaching. Immediately after installation I got like a chill of my known world woke up to life with the same wonder at what was happening on screen. What can I say, I felt at home among the three races already known (as well as they have not changed) whose features have remained largely the same. Zergs – some overweighed slimy bugs, humans, the Terans with their technology and technical superiority and the Protos air and any alien who is worthy of respect.

Changes from the first StarCraft both are equally small and large, but largely unobtrusive for anyone to go through periods where the original was in vogue. Not for those who are just now grab the StarCraft will not think it will be a difficult transition because everything takes place in a logical and natural environment.

Graphics has changed a lot but it is overwhelming especially in crowded scenes as well as characters and explosions, speakers full of confirmations, warnings and bass explosions on the battlefield. It is an experience that surrounds a fine mesh around the player’s attention seems overwhelming, the senses and the spirit of warrior grabbing each of us. I’ve found out that my protos friends, change for the better but with the same basic units and a bit redesigned to the visual demands of today. But technology has not remained the same, although the units are in a somewhat similar, they added some new combinations of buildings and upgrades have been changed so I still get the same pleasure to play.

As a passionate and participant in the golden era of StarCraft’s I, the new released StarCraft II is a joy and I look forward to it and hope a few games for everyone.

Do not reveal anything that would be, which are upgrades and which units were added, but we can say that the environment of the game finally became 3D, the feeling of depth, fine-tuned effects, excellent graphics and sound were exceptional even in the beta stage. The game is not yet free of defects; however, like everything good, it has to go through a stage of maturity.

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