Every game passionate out there has at least heard of the FIFA series. It is the most popular soccer game for pc and consoles. The first FIFA game was brought to us by the Electronic Arts company also known as EA. Back in 1994 one of the first ever soccer games to be played on a pc was released. You can’t even compare the two games in terms of design, game play or graphics since the games of that time were rudimentary and groundbreaking. FIFA2012 is EA’s greatest accomplishment in the soccer field. In this game you can see how they managed to implement new game mechanics like a physic engine that is unprecedented. The only resemblance with the 94 title is that it refers to the same real life game.

The new physical engine of the FIFA 2012 game brings us a whole new feeling it manages to capture the aspect of realism that we missed in the previous versions. The 2011 version of this soccer game that the Ea Company presented to us this year not only that it brings us these wonderful new features but it also presents us some new ticks.

Although many of the tricks in FIFA2012 are old they are presented as new mostly due to these new physics engine which makes each trick you do unique. The ball reacts different every time you interact with it.

Also the player collision mechanics have changed and you can be witness to some weird and funny character collisions, especially when you chose to replay a game since you can adjust your camera view in such a manner that you will be able to see everything that happens in the field from every angle you desire. FIFA2012 was made by the EA Company and they are the leading Company in digital motion capture of a real life person. No matter how you put it you won’t be disappointed in the FIFA2012 soccer game, you will enjoy the new team management system.

The naturalness of holding a match full contribution and the new Impact Player Engine, a system developed specifically for EA Sports brings players closer contacts between the reality. Sure, this addition is not 100% perfect, with some really funny situations created from the impacts arising from different players taking part in games in FIFA 12. Overall, however, an extra element of realism is given, making, to some extent, figures from the land of virtual replicas of real true players.

Although you will find the game to be an overall good experience you will probably disagree with the control style that it leaning more into the style of a console type then into a pc controller type. This was implemented to serve better the new tricks that you can perform in FIFA 2012, the multitude of options you can chose when you want to send the ball into a particular direction have increased thus the controls are more complex.

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