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The quality of your sleep not only influences the way you rest, but it also reflects on how you feel in the morning and how to manage to handle the daily chores you have to face. To help you get a better sleep throughout the night and wake up feeling more rested, here are some gadgets that can monitor and improve your sleep.

Misfit Beddit

This gadget helps you turn your bed into a smart bed thanks to all its monitoring options. This flat sensor pad goes under the sheets and measures your sleep movements in order to determine your stages of sleep, how many hours you spend sleeping and how many you are awake, it measures your heart rate
and it monitors the ambient sound to detect the snoring. The data is then sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth to help you discover your sleep routine. The app can even play soothing sounds to help you sleep better and can be programmed to wake you up in the morning during your lightest sleep stage. Using this gadget will determine your best sleep habits and will let you know if it’s time to change your mattress in order to sleep better.

ResMed S+

This gadget is a sleep sensor that doesn’t get in contact with your body, but it measures your sleep movement at your bedside. You simply place the gadget on the nightstand and it monitors your breathing, your movements and the sleep environment like the bedroom light, the level of noise and the temperature. All the data it gathers allows it to make recommendations designed to improve your sleep, like advising you to sleep on another side or turn off the lights. The ResMed S+ can also play sounds that synchronize to your breathing to help you fall asleep faster.

Luna smart mattress cover

This mattress cover is specially designed to adjust the appliances in your house to your sleep routine by connecting to them and controlling their options. In fewer words, the Luna smart mattress cover adjusts the lights, the sounds and the temperature in your home so that you will manage to fall asleep faster and to sleep better. The Luna cover matches your bed mattress and as you lie down it detects your sleep routine and sends the data to the Luna app and the other Internet-connected devices so that they will adjust in such way that will improve your sleep. While this gadget can be of great use, if you have problems sleeping, we also advise you to invest in a more comfortable mattress. Read some mattress reviews on bestmattress.guru and opt for a quality natural latex mattress. This type of mattresses offer an optimal body support and they are also environmentally friendly.

Marpac Dohm-DS sleep sound machine

A sleep sound machine is a device which emits noises or melodies on specific frequencies that relax the brain and send it into a deep state of relaxation. If you frequently suffer from sleeplessness, a sound machine can be a life saver, as it will allow you to fall asleep faster and sleep sounder.

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