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Best Features of the Latest Electric Shaver Models

Electric shavers might not be cheap, but they’re certainly worth the investment. The price range is between $60 and $200 and some of their parts need to be replaced. For example, the head has to be replaced between 6 moths and two years, depending on the state it’s in. When the rechargeable battery needs to be replaced because it doesn’t hold a charge anymore, you’ll find it to be cheaper to simply buy a newer model of electric shaver than to replace the battery of the old one. Current models of electric shavers have a wide variety of features that make them more convenient for everyday use. Spend your 15 minutes in front of the mirror with an electric shaver that has all the newest features to ease your work and look your best at all times.

Power cord

All men know how bad it is when you use the electric shaver and the battery runs out. This might happen when you’re in a hurry and have no time to charge the battery, but you can’t go out with only half of the facial hair gone. In case this happens you’ll most likely prefer to arrive late than arriving on time and looking goofy. Some electric shavers come with a power cord that you can plug when the battery runs out and finish shaving on time.

Easy cleaning

There are three types of features when it comes to cleaning the electric shaver. You can’t use the electric shaver without somehow discarding the hair that is stuck between the cutters. Most models come with a small cleaning brush and you use it to clean your shaver, some models have a self-cleaning system that works by pumping a sanitizing liquid through the cutters and other models can be rinsed clean. If you are interested in finding a cool shaver with a cleaning station, stop by the electricshavers.reviews website, as you will find several such shavers there, analyzed in detail according to their featrues.

Battery chargers

Most electric shavers depend just on the battery, except for the ones that have the power cord feature. A battery charger comes in handy and it provides at least seven shaves. To charge a battery fully might take anywhere between 1 and 12 hours. There are some battery charger models that allow an emergency charge of only 5 minutes for a single shave in case anything happens and you’re in a hurry.

Low-battery warning

This feature is very useful because you are warned when the battery is running out of juice. Either a charger indicator or a recharge light will warn you when the time to recharge is approaching.

Long-hair trimmer

This feature comes in handy if you want to use the electric shaver for trimming the sideburns. Give yourself an interesting and mysterious look using the long-hair trimmer feature of your electric shaver.

Automatic shutoff

This feature is for the battery charger. As soon as the battery is fully charged it will automatically shut off. It’s helpful because the overcharging repeatedly will reduce the battery life.

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