Useful Car Gadgets and Accesories

Do you think it’s time to make your driving more enjoyable? Do you want to get some car gadgets and accessories but do not know exactly what to choose due to the many options that are on the market nowadays? If so, then for some inspiration, you should have a look at the following useful car gadgets and accessories.

DashGrip gel pads

Most drivers have the same problem at all times. They never find their phone, keys or even the spare change. In case you find yourself in this situation as well, maybe you should consider getting a DashGrip gel pad. You can easily apply this pad on your dashboard and you can just put your stuff on it.

Escort Passport Max2

A radar detector is an extremely useful device, especially for those people who love speed. One of the best products of this type that are on the market nowadays is Escort Passport Max2. According to the site, which features a lot of great radar detector reviews, this model is highly recommended due to the fact that it comes with a long-range radar gun detection and it’s extremely accurate as well. Furthermore, it has GPS features that will allow you to drive safely at all times.

Tekton Digital Tire Gauge

We all know how annoying is to go all the time and check the tires pressure. Fortunately, we have the great option to purchase this amazing device called Tekton Digital Tire Gauge, which will accurately tell us the tires pressure. Furthermore, it is a reasonably priced product that many of us will afford to buy.

Mobileye C2-270

Believe it or not, this clever device will easily detect and alert you when you are too close to any cyclists, bikers, pedestrians or other cars. It is true that some cars come with this feature from fabric, but in case your car doesn’t have anything similar, you should consider getting Mobileye CS-270.

Valet iPad Car Holder

How many times you wanted to take your iPad with you in the car, and you couldn’t due to the fact that you didn’t have any holder whatsoever? Fortunately, with Valet iPad Car Holder you will be able to take the iPad in the car at all times.

TravelMate’s memory foam neck pillow

In case you travel by car a lot, then you should definitely get a neck pillow. One of the best choices you could make is TravelMate’s memory foam. It has been created with the comfort of your neck in mind, and you will certainly fall in love with it. Due to its memory foam material, your neck will feel relaxed even after several hours of driving and you won’t accuse back pains either.

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