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Amazing Features of the 2015 Top Rated Treadmills

Treadmills have been used in various workout routines for a very long time and considering that the demand has increased, manufacturers had to bring innovation in designing and engineering these fitness equipment items. This is how 2015 top rated treadmills have started to include amazing features that make them very comfortable, efficient, and convenient.

Folding hydraulic decks

Most of the top rated treadmills of 2015 are folding in order to make use and storage a trifle and to increase the range of home users. If back in the days the treadmill used to be a bulky fitness equipment that would take half of the room space, nowadays you can easily fold and unfold the device with the help of hydraulic systems that maneuver the deck of the treadmill. This way, you can use it even in the smallest house and once you are done with it, it will fold and go under the bed.

Heart measuring programs

The heart rate is very important when you workout because an exercise too exhausting could cause you severe heart problems. This is why most treadmills include a heart rate measuring program that keeps your heart rate constant and keeps you from feeling tired and overburdened. Some models have a handgrip monitor that measures the heart rate according to the intensity of the exercise, but the latest models feature a chest strap that continuously monitors your heart rate.

Electronic programming

This useful feature is found on most top rated treadmills because it is what makes a treadmill really efficient and high-quality. With this feature, you can adjust the intensity of the workout, you can create personalized programs, and you can create a workout routine that will make you stick to using the treadmill regularly.

Gadgets and high-tech features

Most of 2015 top rated treadmills include consoles with gadgets designed to make the workout routine more entertaining, more comfortable and less boring. You can connect your MP3 player so you can listen to your favorite music, there are fans that keep you cool during the exercising, or you can observe your workout ongoing on an LCD screen.

Inclining decks

For increased muscle straining and to mimic the outdoor environment as well as possible, the latest treadmill models include an inclining deck that inclines up to 15% grades. This maximizes the effort and allows you to work various muscles in your body.

Deck cushioning

To reduce the pressure on your feet, hips, and ankles, the best treadmills feature deck cushioning with shock-absorption systems. This way, you will be able to walk, run or jog on the treadmill without hurting your feet and without putting pressure on your joints and bones.

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