Futuristic Kitchen Innovations

The technology and innovations of tomorrow have always generated great interest for those of us who are fans of hi-tech gadgets and not only. Most people are looking for ways to improve the way they cook, prepare food, clean dishes and many more. There are many innovative kitchen appliances around us, that were specially designed to make our lives more convenient and easy to manage. Here are some of the most creative and practical futuristic kitchen appliances.

Shift Refrigerator

What makes this refrigerator so popular is the fact that it is capable of minimizing the outflow of cool air. What this means is that is uses less energy to generate cool air so at the end of the month you will manage to make some money savings. You can actually achieve that by using a smaller compartment to store your favorite produce. This way, you avoid opening the large doors of the freezer and fridge so often. Generally speaking, when you leave the door of the refrigerator open, the cold air flows out and the warm air flows in. However, this also depends on how wide the door is opened. It goes without saying that if you open the refrigerator door at a wider angle, you waste more energy.

Air Well

The Air Well dishwasher was created with one concept in mind: to help you preserve the environment and lower your energy and water costs significantly. This amazing dishwasher features a futuristic design and comes with several impressive features. The main concept of this dishwasher is that it doesn’t need water or energy to function. In fact, it is capable of producing its own water and energy, but how is this really possible. In order to produce water, the system collects water from humid ambient air thanks to the mechanical refrigerator technology. During the washing process, there’s a great amount of waste produces. What the Air Well does is that it transform this waste into energy.

GE microwave

If you want to discover some amazing microwaves, check out the latest microwave ovens reviewed on the bestmicrowave.reviews site. Nevertheless, if the present doesn’t look futuristic enough, you can always comfort yourself with prototypes that will hit the market in the near future. The innovative GE microwave featured in the above picture, doesn’t have a name yet. It’s just a prototype made by General Electric Global Research, at the Niskayuna lab in New York. Despite its futuristic design and intricate concept, this kitchen appliance is very easy to use. The GE microwave was basically designed to calculate the number of calories that are present in one dish with a simple push of a button. All you have to do is to place the meal that you wish to heat and push the start button. The emitted rays calculate the food calories but they do not cook the food entirely. Regarding the cooking process, the fats and water interact differently with the microwave.

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