Beauty Gadgets that are Worth Trying Out

When it comes to beauty there are no such things as useless gadgets, too many beauty products or too cumbersome to use as women are capable of anything in order to enhance their beauty. However, not every gadget is worth trying and some are actually better left untested whether because they are expensive, or because they require too much effort or the results are not as expected. To save you some money, time and effort we made a selection of beauty gadgets that are worth trying out.

GHD Eclipse flat iron

Women know how important it is to have a shiny and smooth hair that is easy to arrange and keeps its shape throughout the day and for this they use various products and tools. If you care for your hair, you nurture it with hair masks and you don’t die it, you probably avoid using heat based styling tools. Nevertheless, you should know that the best flat iron for natural hair can be quite gentle on your hair. By far, the flat iron is the most popular hair gadget that can straighten the curly hair and can create beautiful curls with a simple pass over the hair. This GHD model is considered to be the best flat iron for natural hair and it can also be very gentle on dyed hair. The innovative and patented tri-zone technology it uses allows this flat iron to handle even the thickest of hairs.

Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution

If you want to clean your pores, enlighten your face and obtain an even complexion, then this is the gadget for you. The tufted bristles of this beauty enhancer clean the skin and get rid of the dead cells, leaving the skin smooth and bright.

Remington i-Light Reveal

Thanks to the Intense Pulse Light technology it uses, this small and comfortable to use hair removal device is the perfect aid in removing unwanted hair from small and sensitive areas like the upper lip or the underarm. Not only will it make sure there is no unpleasant hair left behind, but the process is not painful and the results will last for up to 6 months.

Filorga Lumitherapist

Light therapy is often used in high-tech facials due to its properties of achieving a firm and radiating skin and with the help of this cutting-edge gadget, the light therapy has reached at-home beauty care. The Filorga Lumitherapist uses a mix of three light waves of various colors namely blue, red, and yellow to target the skin’s tone and texture and to help it regain firmness and elasticity.

Synergie Skin Rejuvaderm Home Roller

To help you get the face cream and serum you use as deep as possible into the skin, this device includes 192 biodegradable polymer needles that create tiny pinpricks when you run it over your face. This process is not painful and it helps the nutrients in the cream reach deep into the pores for maximum absorption.

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