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Gardening enthusiasts take every opportunity they have to create thriving gardens even if they don’t have a large outdoor space. However, indoor plants don’t magically grow and they need help from smartly-designed items that boost their growth. Luckily, with all the nowadays gardening gadgets and tools, indoor plants can grow as healthy and wealthy as the ones that enjoy outdoor air and light. Therefore, no matter if you live in an apartment and your planting space is limited, you can still obtain beautiful and blooming plants if you resort to the help of these gadgets and tools that will help your plants grow.

Bitponics Base Station

If you are looking for a complete and developed gadget to monitor your indoor plants, the Bitponics Base Station is a cutting edge example. This is a system that includes several sensors that measure the pH of the soil, the temperature of the water and air, the moisture in the air and the level of light the plants receive. Then, the Bitponics Base Station sends all the data to a Cloud through a Wi-fi network and you can access the information from anywhere you are. This way, you will know exactly what your plants are getting and what they need in order to grow.

Plant Link Base Station

Since over and under-watering are the main reasons plants die, this gadget can be considered a plant savior. Not only it monitors the amount of water your plants receive, but it also notifies you through a message, email or push-notification when it is time to water the plants again. Also, if you connect the PlantLink to a water source, it will water the plants itself so that there will be no problem if you can’t manage to water the plants.

Led grow lights systems

As well as water, light is an essential part in the growth of plants and indoor plants are likely to receive less light as they are not always in direct sunlight. To help you minimize this handicap, you can use led grow lights. The best led grow light lamps provide a full spectrum of light that boosts the plants’ growth through every stage. This is why the best led grow light lamps are a great indoor gardening aid, as they deliver light to the plants to help them grow. Once you have found the best led grow light lamp, simply place the plants underneath the led panel and let the light spectrum nourish and boost the plants.

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