Samsung Galaxy Round Review

Samsung has released Samsung Galaxy Round, their first smartphone with a curved display and are planning to conquer this side of the industry as well. If you are curious about how this phone looks, feels and operates you can find out which are the qualities and flaws of this interesting-looking device in the following review.

An interesting design

The change in design was somehow in need as customers were tired of all the smartphones that look the same and wanted something different from their favorite manufacturer, Samsung. Connoisseurs state that this model is better than the LG’s G Flex and very similar to the Samsung Note 3, from which it took most of its design and features. The Samsung Galaxy Round weighs 154g, is 151 mm high, 79.6 mm wide and 7.9mm thick, and despite the curved shape it perfectly fits the palm of your hand. Although it is called a curved phone, you can’t actually bend it, but the display is slightly curved to follow the radius of your leg when you hold it in your pocket, which is perhaps the biggest advantage of owning a Samsung Galaxy Round. The back of the housing is wrapped in black leather with stitches around the edges, the On/Off button is placed on the right, the volume on the left, the USB slot down below and the headphone jack on the top.

A high-quality screen

The screen is an important aspect of a smartphone and the one on the Samsung Galaxy Round is a very nice and bright 5.7-inch Full AMOLED display with 386 ppi like the Note 3. If you find the colors a little oversaturated, you can fix them with the Dynamic, Standard, Professional Photo and Movie screen modes. You would think that playing games and watching movies on a curved screen would offer a different experience, but it’s not the case with a display this small. The screen is nice to touch and responses quickly after you turn off the strong haptic feedback setting.

Easy-to-use software

Since Samsung S5 uses the Android 404 KitKat right out of the box, you would expect the same thing from the Samsung Galaxy Round, which will not happen as it uses the Android 403 Jelly Bean. However, it is the best application of Samsung’s TouchWiz up to now and it still offers you access to some of the oldest applications of Samsung like the S Planner, S Note or S Health. Of course, it also comes with some novelties like the Roll Effect that lets you have a look at details like time or a missed call when you preside on the side of the screen.

Clear images and videos

The 13 megapixels camera with autofocus and a Flash in the back of the phone is completed by a 2-megapixel front-facing camera and Full HD 1080p video recording. The camera features plenty of modes like Best Photo, Sports or Rich Tone, all designed to enhance the quality of your pictures.

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