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Innovative Gadgets that Can Enhance Your Golf Game

As any other sport, golf has its tricks and secrets that help players improve their game and although practice is the best way to start playing better, there are other ways to enhance the way you play golf. With the high rank of today’s technology, it would have been surprising not to be able to find gadgets designed to help you improve the way you play golf, so are the best gadgets that can enhance your golf game.


This is a sensor that you can clip to your golf glove and connect to your smartphone or tablet. The gadget will display an accurate rendering of your swing and you will be able to observe fine details like the twist of your wrist and the club posture. The app maintains a connection over Bluetooth and displays a clear 3D rendering based on the sensor movement so that you can detect what you are doing wrong.

Adams Golf DiXX Blu Putter

When it comes to state-of-the-art gadgets, this putter is among the top options that can really help you enhance your golf game. It features a level finding line that turns red when you are not properly balancing the putter and a digital screen that attaches to the putter’s head gives you real-time information on your stroke path, the impact on the ball and the angle of the clubhead. Once you are done practicing, you can take what you’ve learned on the playing course and correct your mistakes.

Bionic Golf Gloves

Although they sound robotic, these golf feature anatomical relief padding that help you take a good grip on the club and prevents it from twisting in your hands. The motion zones located on the rotating areas of your hand, such as the knuckles offer natural movement and the web zones between your fingers keep your hands cool for a more accurate fit. The extra padding in the palm increases the comfort, meaning you have all you need for a perfect shot.

Leupold RX-600i Laser Rangefinder

When it comes to eliminating the handicap and achieving good shots, accuracy is very important and the best way to get maximum accuracy on the distance to the target is to use a rangefinder. The Leupold model is a comfortable waterproof gadget that you can have in your bag during every golf game in order to achieve accurate measurements up to 500 yards. The infrared technology targets a point anywhere on the course and shows you on the display exactly how far the point is from where you are standing.

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