There is much to learn from computer games, many things that can help build a solid education and may increase the “thirst” for knowledge, discovery of new things. The fact that it takes several attempts to carry out the mission of a game, makes children and adults as well to learn from their mistakes and find ways to improve. Here are just some of the most important things that you can learn from playing video games.

Improving decision making

Many computer games involve being able to take rapid and almost immediate decisions. All of these reactions that in the game can make the difference between life and death, can help gamers train the brain for everyday decisions. A common cause of procrastination is the desire for perfection, often manifested by an inability to make quick decisions. There are many video games that teach us to deal with unexpected situations.


Although our brains can not multitask, it has been proven that computer games stimulate this ability. Multitasking, in this sense, is translated as the ability to move very quickly from one activity to another while not losing focus. Along with improving the skills in the game, it has also been displayed a more intense activity in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain associated with cognitive control.

Getting rid stress and depression

Experts suggest that in the long term, PC games on can reduce depression (anxiety) and stress, which is very good thing. It also helps you disconnect from your busy and hectic life and in this way to forget about problems that can cause stress or anxiety. Even the smallest problems at work can lead to permanent and general frustration. If one day you’re very angry at work and feel like you’re about to do something you might regret later, try to play a game for 15-20 minutes.

Increased ability to concentrate

How many times have you tried to finish a project (for college or work) and have been distracted by other things? During three hours of doing things, how many times have you checked your Facebook account? How about during a game? Games manage to keep us busy so that we can fully disconnected from other things that might interrupt us in what we do.

Attention to detail

PC Games increase this capacity by forcing us to take rapid decisions while completing a task in the game. In this way, we learn to train our visual attention. Because of the ability of PC games to train visual attention, many researchers have developed games for military training for for people with various visual impairments.

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