3 Reasons Why Google Glass Failed

When Google first announced that they are planning to make the Google Glass, everyone was pretty much in shock. This model seemed like a true innovation and many people thought that they could get a hold of a pair of Google Glass. However, the project soon become a fail and even until this day not many of us fully understood why. Read the following article if you want to find out about the main reasons why google glass failed in the first place.

It wasn’t launched and advertised in a proper manner

One of the main reasons why google glass has failed is because it didn’t have any real product launch. It was launched in such a simple way and in way that most people thought it was a device designed only for the celebrities and rich people in general. Moreover, Google never stated an actual date when the product will be available on the consumer market. It’s not sufficient to advertise a product and never state a specific date when the product will be released. Speaking of advertisement, it’s generally very important to know how and when to advertise a product. In the case of google class, there wasn’t no mainstream advertising campaign. Google is a big company so they could have afforded to spend more money to explain the product and advertise it properly.

It was very expensive to begin with

This next fact is probably the most obvious, but in case you didn’t know, in order to get a pair of google glasses you need to pay $1,500, which is a lot if you come to think of it. After all, the google glass offered the same features that a smartphone could offer, such as GPS navigation and the option to run different types of apps. It was then stated that the parts of constructing a single pair of google glasses costs under $80, so this probably came as a shock. However, we are talking about money that went into research, marketing and other expenses so that’s why the Google Glass was so expensive.

The Google Glass was simply too much

Although it seemed like a neat idea, the fact of wearing a piece of tech that has a camera attached to it at restaurants, business meetings or in other public places can make you look too suspicious. It was very obvious when recording footage because a light would flash on just above the lens, so people can feel intimidated and think that you are invading their privacy.

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