Features to Look for in a Quality Tower Fan

When the temperatures in your house reach uncomfortable levels, you start looking for ways to cool the air and one of the best ways is to use a tower fan. This type of air cooling device has an elongated shape that ensures a proper air distribution in the entire room so that the hot air will be replaced by cool and fresh air. Besides a wide air circulation, a tower fan must include some features that state how reliable and high-quality the product really is.


This is one of the features that increase the air distribution and ensure a wide range of the air current. What it does is that it rotates the tower fan around its own axis at a certain degree so that the air will manage to get on a wider area than if the fan would stay inert. Depending on the angle of the oscillating feature, or how much the tower fan can rotate on its base, the air will be spread on a larger area, thus increasing the performance of the tower fan.

An air ionizer

Considering that the tower fan releases cool air, it’s important that this air is maintained clean and fresh, which is why quality tower fans include an air ionizer. This prevents allergens, dust mites, fungus, and spores from spreading in the room, so the air will be as fresh as if you would have opened a window to let outside air come into the room.

A timer

Having a tower fan with a timer allows you to set it to work at intervals from 30 minutes to up to 8 hours so that the tower fan will save energy. This also means that the tower fan will be safer to use, as it will automatically shut off once the hours interval is over.

Adjustable speeds

Having variable speeds also helps you save energy because the tower fan won’t use too much energy to cool a room at maximum speed when it would only require a medium speed. There are tower fans that come with up to 5 adjustable speeds so that you can choose the one that will create the perfect ambiance in your house.

A remote control

If the tower fan comes with a remote control, it will be more comfortable to control it from a distance, especially if you use it in the bedroom and you don’t want to get out of bet to turn it off. Also, look for tower fans that come with a convenient spot where the remote fits, so that you will never lose it and it will always be right where you need it to be.

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