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Wearable technology is when manufacturers combine wearable items with the latest technology in order to obtain high-tech clothes that can offer information on the functioning of the body of the person who is wearing the item. If this started with fitness trackers back in the days, nowadays it has come to clothes that have been enhanced with smart technology, and this is how smart clothing was created. Th following smart clothing items are believed to be the best of wearable technology that can help you improve your health.

Lumo Run biometric shorts

This company was the first to develop wearables designed to improve posture and now they have reached the clothing field with a pair of supercharged shorts. The Lumo Run shorts are equipped with sensors that can track running metrics like bounce, ground contact time, cadence, pelvic rotation, and stride length. All these measurements are used to help you discover which is the right exercise and posture that really works your body. You will get a real-time audio feedback through the smartphone app they are connected to.

Athos shirt and shorts

These garments include tight fitting EMG sensors that can detect the heart rate, the breathing rate, and the muscle activity during the workout. The data is transmitted through a small core that works with the sensors and send the information via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The core is a lightweight gadget that slips into the pockets of the smart clothing and a full charge lasts around 10 hours. Not only this core delivers data, but it also features a 6-axis accelerometer that measures your movement while you exercise. Due to the muscle activity measurements, these items have been reserved for professional athletes who perform intense muscle workouts.

Victoria’s Secret heart rate bra

The women’s lingerie specialist has come up with a bra that can measure your heart rate when you have it on, due to the built-in heart rate monitor placed in the chest area. The monitor is a regular one that has been around for many years, usually used in sports watches, and that can offer extremely accurate information. The high accuracy makes this bra suitable for a wide range of activities, including boxing, running, or weightlifting. Besides performance, Victoria’s Secret has also kept comfort in mind and has designed this bra to be easy to wear thanks to the high-quality Body- Wick fabric that keeps your skin cool and dry.

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