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The amazing technology behind levitating speakers


Floating speakers are definitely some of the most popular gadgets of the moment. Whether you are passionate about technology or you simply love music, it is impossible not to have heard about this type of device. The modern design, as well as performing features have convinced more and more people to try these products, and it appears they are quite successful. Feedback is positive so manufacturers are striving to keep the high level of their work, improving items day after day. Needless to say, the technology that lies behind has not appeared overnight. It has been previously used by several manufacturers for different products, but the floating speaker seems to have brought it the most popularity. If this brief description has made you curious and you are interested in finding out how and why this trend is so hot right now, read on and discover some particularities of these amazing gadgets.

Understanding how floating speakers work

As there are plenty of options to choose from nowadays, you may find it difficult to make the right call. However, there are also dedicated platforms such as levitating-spealer.com, aimed to help you learn about features, prices and other relevant details. The main thing you must know is that all products are basically working on the same principle. They are made of two parts: a base, which needs to be put on a flat surface, and an upper component, which is most of the times of a spherical or round flat form. The two manage to remain interconnected as they both consist in hidden magnets, and the entire technology is called magnetic levitation or suspension. This means that the floating part is suspended in the air, without any support other than magnetic fields. The technique is used to counteract the effects of gravitation and other natural accelerations.

Magnetic levitation – a brief explanation

There are two main issues involved in magnetic levitation or suspensions, and these are also applicable to floating speakers: lifting forces and stability. On the one hand, the first one means that there must exist an upward force that is strong enough to oppose to gravity. On the other hand, the second one, stability, ensures the system remains connected to its base, without sliding or flipping away, because this would lead to neutralization. Besides the late hour speakers, this technology is also used for maglev trains, magnetic bearings or contactless melting. Furthermore, marketers have speculated the opportunity as well, so this solution is used for product display purposes, too.


As you can see, there is an advanced technology that enables you to enjoy these beautifully designed levitating speakers. Besides the innovative display method and futuristic design, these products are also very performing, providing highly qualitative sounds and hours of battery life span. So, if the idea of owning one of the newest gadgets available on the market intrigues you, wait no more and purchase a floating speaker.



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