Reasons you should start playing Pokémon Go

Yes, we know you have already heard about this amazing game, you are probably tired of this topic by now. However, as tiring it might sound, there are plenty of reasons you should play. From mixing real life with augmented reality, to the great deals you can get at for purchasing accounts, plenty of reasons might convince one they need to play this amazing game. If you are not sure about this, below are some of those reasons.

1. Sedentary lifestyle? Pokémon Go will help you exercise more

Because you have to get out of house for finding those Pokémon little monsters, you will surely become more physically active. Unlike other games that imply staying in and sticking to a chair, this game really needs you to wonder around the city in your search for those creatures. Many have wondered miles and miles, and this, of course means many burnt calories. While you might not be the most physically active person, this game forces you to get out of house.

2. Become familiar with new areas in your city

Because you must wonder around all day, this means you will end up in places you didn’t previously consider. You might discover stunning places you weren’t aware about. Let’s face it if you don’t have the adventure gene, it is unlikely to start your walk in unknown areas. This game, however, makes it possible for you to make yourself familiar with those!

3. Pokémon Go made depressed people get out of the house again

A few months back the news were thrilled to announce that depressed individuals or even some with affections from the autistic spectrum finally managed to get out of their houses after years, just because they were eager to try this little game out! Looks like it worked for them to combat that anxiety they usually felt at the simple thought of going out, and we couldn’t be happier!

4. You can make new friends

Many find pleasure in playing this game, and many were able to bond with fellow Pokémon Go players in their process of finding new little monsters. If you suffer from social anxiety or find it difficult to make new friends, this might be a solution! Give this game a try and see with whom you become friends with!

5. Hey, let’s not forget about fun!

Maybe we should have started with this, but, man, isn’t that game fun? Running around Pokémon creatures, meeting others, discovering new places, all mixing real world and AR, this is really entertaining. It brings a small piece of the imaginary world into the real one, and we still can’t get over that!

As you can see, Pokémon Go is a great game regardless of your age or gender. It is a great way of bonding, making new friends, going out more, exercising more, and with great accounts services everybody can play and enjoy all those benefits. Make sure you only pick the best services available out there!


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