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Solutions for socially anxious business owners – Virtual offices


The evolution of the corporate office environment makes it more accessible, even for small start-up businesses. We are talking about virtual offices. Also, given the fact that the young millennial is confronting a rather unusual issue, based on their inability of maintaining a healthy real-life relationship and that they experience increased levels of anxiety in people’s company, this is rather a beneficial solution for them. A1corp offers virtual office services that help business owners increase their employee’s productivity levels, thus the profitability of their business, while saving important amounts of money. Below are some advantages of investing in a similar solution.

1. Keep in touch with your colleagues. Via e-mails

Having a virtual office address doesn’t prevent you from continuously keeping in touch with your colleagues. On the contrary, it allows you to interact with them in the most comfortable way possible for someone suffering from social anxiety. Via phone and e-mail. If everybody knows exactly what they must do, you only have to communicate with them further assignments and goals. This can be easily managed via the numerous communication means the modern technology has for us, while keeping human contact on zero. If you are a young business owner suffering from this issue, you might want to look into this idea.

2. Work with specialists from all around the globe

If your domain requires high levels of expertise, but the local human resources market is quite limited, there is a solution. A virtual office that will allow you to recruit the most valuable experts in your field, without being demographically or geographically limited. Search the worldwide market and see who corresponds with your specific requirements in terms of qualifications. Let them work from home, without the necessity of relocating. They are very likely to accept your offer and provide extraordinary work. And you won’t even have to meet them!

3. Happier employees

If you think that you are the only one suffering from social anxiety, think again. Your colleagues are very likely to be suffering from it, and in a corporate physical office situation, it might be killing their productivity and moral. Also, when they have a more flexible schedule, having the opportunity to make up for a couple of hours a day they took for themselves, surely contributes to their happiness and levels of satisfaction with your company as well.

4. Increased levels of productivity

Commute time is the killer of productivity. Only think about how many hours a day your employees spend to get ready and arrive at the office. Only think how early they must wake up before the beginning of the work schedule. In areas with a high population density, these hours reach even up to ten, weekly. On the other hand, if you think how many hours they might be able to use in your company’s advantage, when working from home, you shortly realise that this is a more profitable and productive solution.



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