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Hidden features in iOS you’d like to know about


You own iOS 10 devices and you would like to know more about what’s new regarding its features? Then you should keep reading. If you are the happy possessor of an iPhone and your phone can actually do things you didn’t know it was capable of, it is paramount to learn about them and make good use of their efficiency. Here are some of them:

Capacity rises

Compared to iOS 9, the newer version surprisingly offers more storage room than its previous variant. An additional 200MB is granted, although the upgrade of the operation system is actually offering a lot more features than before. We would’ve expected it to require more space to be installed, but Apple surprised us with the progress of iOS. If you want to keep in touch with information regarding upgrades and new versions click this site: http://blog.mobilemob.com.au/the-apple-iphone-release-date-its-iconic-event/ where you can find out more about release dates, opening events and presentations.

New 3D Touch Toggle Function 

Struggling with the fact that each time you wanted to access cellular data activation you had to select the settings menu and then look for the specific switch is gone. With iOS 10 you can actually long-press the setting icon and toggle directly to the data menu. The control center will have a touch toggle function too: if you click the camera you can choose what you are willing to do next, the calculator allows you to copy and paste your last result, the clock allows you to set a fast timer, the flashlight can be adjusted in intensity. Folders can be long-pressed too for more options than before like renaming or organizing.  This feature will come in handy to any user who needs fast switching between settings.

Camera features

Comparing the iOS 10 camera with its previous version resulted in a faster loading after clicking the icon. This will allow you take photos way more faster and never lose a moment you want to record.  A small change was made regarding the placement of the resolution settings in camera mode. Now, you don’t need to stop music when you want to take a picture because that kind of multitasking is available on iOS 10. Try it out right now!

Big change for iOS: the Slide to unlock feature is gone

Everyone got used with the swiping for unlocking an iPhone classic feature, but since iOS 10 went out, that feature is completely gone. Besides that, there is a new option you can opt for called Raise to Wake where you simply need to move your phone upwards in order for it to unlock. No more button-pressing involved!

Unlimited tabs in browser

While previously you were limited to 37 tabs for your browser now you can open an unlimited number of tabs, which means the browser’s power is much more elevated. Also, you don’t have to worry about closing the tabs you no longer need in a session because it occupies one place. The browser capacity is clearly improved with iOS 10 so consider testing it out.           


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