Top Tech Trends for 2017

Living in an era where technology is basically ruling thing around, it is quite difficult to stay away from the latest products and trends that appear around us. Investing in gadgets is one of the biggest passions of people nowadays. Mobile phones, tablets and VR sets are no longer something people are not familiar with. This is why gaming and social media became so popular between people of all ages. 2017 is the year of never ending progress in game graphics and upgrades.

Online games like Fluffy Favourites slot started to gain popularity lately, given the fact that slots are a great alternative to spend your free time and have fun at the same time. What could be more enticing that strategy games with lots of bonuses and an eye-catching design? Being dependent on technology, today’s population will always choose to be constantly informed about the latest trends.

Mobile phone revolution

2017 is the year of mobile phone releases. Users who would like a complete mobile gaming experience should opt out for competent phones which can smoothly run whatever app you might want to try. This means certain specifications must be taken into consideration. The display (its resolution and range of colours; the type of build including Gorilla Glass and back panels quality), the RAM memory (should be 4GB or more for the most recent app requirements) and the processor specs are just a tiny part of what you can get from a mobile phone. The platforms are various and the CPU for a mobile phone is now usually an Octa-core. For a user who spends their time gaming on a mobile phone, battery power is paramount. A fast-charging and slow draining would be ideal and that’s why endurance ratings matter when choosing a device.   

VR sets

These last years were ruled by Virtual Reality sets. Now, the gaming experience is no longer just something palpable, but you can actually emerge yourself into the world of unreal. 2017 was a year of explosion regarding VR sets. There are plenty of types to choose from depending on the experience you’d like to have. A 360 degree view with a high refresh rate and an impressive number of sensors will run smoothly, with the risk of motion sickness.  If you are a true fan of technology, a VR set will transform your perception instantly.


There are more and more apps that appear on the market and wait to be downloaded. There are plenty of games you can try on your device and this is an efficient way to kill boredom and keep yourself focused. Although a lot of games are released weekly, the requirements keep growing which means users will need to invest in better devices in order to make it possible to play them. Good graphics require powerful processors, memory and an appropriate display. Without certain feature, the gaming experience won’t meet your expectations and you’ll be disappointed with your device. That’s why you should think several times before making the decision of buying a gadget.



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